California Sinking

by Hello Penelope

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J Van
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J Van Best of the best among the lost souls stranded among the detritus of a lonely town in SoCal Favorite track: Talk Slow.
Marco Gutierrez
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Marco Gutierrez It encapsulates so much. I've listened to this shiz 21 times so far and god damn it doesn't get old. Hope to see live at Coachella soon ^_^ Favorite track: Bath Salts.
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California Sinking is a collection of stories with a common, perhaps cynical undertone dealing with the struggle of feeling out of place and trying to break out of a shell while growing up in the southern region of the Golden State.


released April 26, 2013

Recorded January-April 2013 at Oakside Studios
Produced by Hello Penelope and Jace Whitaker
Engineering by Jace Whitaker
Backing Vocals on tracks 1 and 5 by Joe Moore (Poised Like Lions)
Backing Vocals on Track 2 by Ashlynn Harrison (Who Killed Wellington?)
Backing Vocals on Track 3 by Leanna Patterson (Leanna May and the Matadors)
Album Art by Crisis Arm
All songs written by Hello Penelope

Special thanks to our secret 6th band member, Jace Whitaker, for putting in the time and effort to bring this project to fruition for nothing more than the love of doing it, to our friends and families that continue to love, help, put up with, and support us; to Alaythia Music and Not Punk Records; and to you for taking the time to listen to this record and read this<3<3<3



all rights reserved


Hello Penelope Hemet, California


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Track Name: Restless
Hold up, hold on
Walking with no shoes on in Downtown Los Angeles
Your dreams have grown and they've thrived, just to come out here and die like mine, but you are thrilled and're alive

She's got all these little secrets
It's just one that she's been keeping
It's all alright, she says alright, it's alright
Come on, come on, she says

Push hard, you fought
this city's taken all you've got
how you dreamed of Los Angeles
You've got that pain on your face
now your voice won't sound so fake
How we give and we give
So they take
Track Name: Bad Movies
I know, I know just what you must be feeling
your eyes are bored, don't arrest me for stealing
You in my car and driving to the city
This town's so dry but Coronado's pretty
nice this time of year
Cruise the dog beach with our ice cold beers
Sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots
I'm on it
'cause baby let's burn like two space comets

I know that you're too good for me
All I've got is surf-rock and bad movies
But baby, baby watch out I'm a taurus
Like an introvert tyrannosaurus
I'm shy...
But I bite, I'm shy but I bite

I know, I know that you can smell the ocean
Feel the salt, caress skin and feel its healing motions
Every time I try, know I die inside
And I give it all back to you

And I know what you want
And you know what I've got
And I'm so happy
That you're coming with me
Track Name: Talk Slow
I've got a cavity and God is trying to talk to me
He's talking and talking
Alone in my simple place
voices call from outer space
I'm shook and I'm shockin'

I've tripped up a dozen times
My friends all were plastic bags of lies

Take some just to impress
I guess the word got out the kids are future-less
And we drink some just to talk slow
I know my government is watching where I go

I've got a nose bleed and someone's trying to talk to me
He says the ends coming
But I've got electricity and my friends are trying to rock with me
While ya'lls is just running

I've tripped out a hundred times
Enough to know I haven't lost my mind :)

Take some just to impress
I guess the word got out the kids are future-less
And we drink some just to talk slow
I know my government is watching where I go
And it's all of this, it's the things I risk
It is my dogs, my son, my drugs, my love, my consciousness
And we take some just to talk slow
I swear my government is watching where I go

All I know is I should not go
All I see is I should not leave
Track Name: California Sinking
Don't you know where the red foxes go to play?
I haven't seen them here for days
And ever since you left with your smile

God get me out of this place
just take some time to simmer down and figure out...
God get me out of this place
Just take some time to see you're always wrong, I'm always right

The times are a changin' but I don't change with the times
And California's sinking along the major fault lines

Don't you see what everyone else sees in me?
I haven't seen it here for years
and ever since you left with that smile

I guess you got just a little bit excited again
I guess I thought we were just a little more than friends
Track Name: Bath Salts
Driving Seal Beach at midnight, take from those who afford to pay
Seeing every ocean sunrise, watch my tongue so I don't fuck this up

And all your friends are fucking crazy...

Boy you haven't lived, 'til you've done what I did
The noose around your neck, or the gun to your head
Black suits and slim black ties
Oh the 12 hour nights
Desperate times means desperate measures
Cashing in on your filthiest pleasures

Always aware, of my surroundings
My patience is lost, your insults astounding

Boy you haven't lived, you're insensible and insensitive
The noose around your neck, the gun to your head
Track Name: Dive The Depths
I tried my best to keep my eyes on you
You tried your best to keep yours on me too
It's at the point not knowing what to do
You could just say that I'm just stuck on you
I'm stuck on you...
I'm stuck, I'm stuck

You're a glowing light shining through
I haven't seen a creature quite like you
Most tell me just to stay away
For fear my soul is the thing in trade

So clever yet true
You know I love you
So much I would even dive to
the depths of hell for you

Watch me destroy myself
I'll turn it inside, oh I'm inside out
Nothing can touch us now
Nothing can touch us...won't fucking touch us now